A Bit Like Pooh

A Bit Like Pooh

winnie the poohI was chatting with a dear friend yesterday after our walk in the beautiful countryside of middle Tennessee about my project of bringing you blogs about Winnie the Pooh and His friends. She commented to me how she, too, was endeared by the comforting relationships in the friendships of the inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Woods.

She called them covenantal friendships. As a Hebraic Roots teacher, those words are most meaningful to me. “Covenant” is a word God highlights throughout His word. Today many are not familiar with the fullness of what covenant is. The covenant of marriage is taken lightly as evidenced by the high divorce rate both by believers and non-believers. Instead of the covenant of marriage based on “till death do us part”, we now see all too often the beginning of that commitment replaced with pre-nuptial contracts. In fact, contracts are more understood than covenant. Contracts can be broken, sometimes with a monetary cost, but nevertheless there is always a way out.

In ancient times covenant meant if I do not keep my commitment to you, you make take my life. I am willing to lay my life down for you at all costs. You can trust me to be there forever, all that I have is yours and all that you have is mine.

Thinking about the stories of Winnie and his friends, that was really how they operated.   The friends shared most everything.   Sometimes they did so with reluctance but always gave in to the need. The friends worked hard to figure out how to help each other. Often they did not have the wisdom to come up with the right solution the first time but they did persevere.

bigToday I was reading the first story in the book Winnie –the-Pooh. I think if I lived in the time of A.A.Milne I would choose to be his friend! I was so captivated by his writing I wished I had some little one to read out loud to. Since I was the only one present I read out loud to myself. I had a wonderful time. I enjoyed the sheer love Christopher Robin had for Winnie as he got his umbrella at Winnie’s request to help in the illusion that perhaps Pooh Bear was a rain cloud.

The line that tickled me so was the following line as Milne read to his son Christopher:

“Well, you laughed to yourself, ‘silly old bear!’ But you didn’t say it out loud because you were so fond of him, and you went home for your umbrella.”

grama owlI fashion myself to be a Pooh most simple in thoughts. Often forgetting what I was about to do or where I am about to go. Gentle in spirit and most concerned about the welfare of my friends. This often brings a frustration to the more technical minded sorts in my life. There are, however, a few Christopher Robins in my life that are kind and patient.

If I am honest I am definitely driven by the “rumbley in my tummy for my honey” food, better known as chocolate. Although I live alone I am in constant communication with myself out loud. Often singing my thoughts and enjoying my walks.   Do you suppose there is a bit of Pooh in all of us?