Adventures in Israel

Adventures in Israel

Adventures in Israel

January 25, 2018

I’m recalling the words of a prophetic song I’ve been singing over myself that I heard at a prophetic conference in September last year: “Release a new revelation over my future. Lord I ask you to change me. Give a new experience afresh. Take me to higher ground.”

Several months later I was invited to go with a friend to Israel to stay at a community of believers outside of Tel Aviv, where Jew and Gentiles from different nations and churches were residing, often 3 generations living side by side in newly built stucco homes, grandparents, children and grandchildren. Many of these families were part of the healing and restoration of Arab Christians with Messianic Jews and the International Ecclesia (the churches). I was to enter into a reconciliation experience to restore the ‘One New Man’ in Israel, the place where it all began in the book of Acts, and to make preparation for the second coming of Jesus to Jerusalem. My husband, Paul, and I had asked the Lord if this was indeed His invitation, and through many miracles of provision and prophetic words, Paul blessed and sent me to Israel. This was my 5th trip there and a gift to celebrate my 77th birthday there with Messianic friends and the extended body of Christ.

For three full days a week for 4 weeks, I was invited to be part of the discipleship teaching held for believers from the Far East, Europe, Egypt, Africa, etc…amazing gift to sit with men and women who are humbly biblically reconciled to intercede for the Bride of Christ upon the earth and the children of the Abrahamic covenant to be restored as a complete priesthood.

I sat in the living rooms of young mothers, very eager to read my book ‘Woman of Valor’ and embrace righteousness and wisdom for their calling to live in this land that is celebrating its 70th Jubilee year as a nation. I celebrated Christmas at a long table in the humble home of an 80 yr old messianic Jewish father from Bulgaria who came to Israel in the early 1900s. He still lives on the 45 acres of land he originally purchased and be dedicated to the Lord. This “Ben David” (Son of David) family with his five sons, their wives and children sat together and with his Finnish gentile wife of 56 yrs. and sang glorious hymns to the Lord. My new friend from Bulgaria shared with me his escape from Russia and his adventurous move to Israel.

On the 11 hour plane rIde home, I was reminded of the last chapter of my book of Proverbs 31:31. “Give her of the fruit of her hands and let her own works praise her in the gates of the city”. On page 168, you will read “a woman is declared righteous as a result of her works, the natural outcome and offspring of her faith in action. Declared righteous, she produces fruit that is pleasing to God, the edible part of her works that others get to partake of…her fruit is for the nations at the gates to partake of.” Truly the Lord Jesus has amazing people and adventures ahead for us when we trust Him!!

Enjoy the adventure ladies and trust the Lord to open amazing gates for you to enter into as you pray and know the Lord Jesus Christ. He will complete and guide you in the days ahead with miracles of provision to plant fruitful vines in your enlarged vineyard.. Shalom, Emily