Air and Airplanes

Air and Airplanes

Mixed Race Father and Son Playing with Paper AirplanesHello everyone,

While looking for topics to write about in this blog, I pulled a book off my shelf of Children’s books titled “My First Book of Questions” by Jennifer Danile, Ann Hodgman and Ann Whitman.  I sometimes go to the local library sales and pick up children’s books for very reasonable prices.  It might be something you would want to investigate at your local library.  These sales are a perfect place to let your children acquire a variety of books at very good prices. Think how excited they will be by the number of books they can take home for keeps; while you’re able to spare your pocketbook massive damage.

I thought I would share a couple of the questions with you from the book.  The first question they highlight is; “What is air?”.  They state we cannot see air, or taste it, or smell it, but air is all around us. I thought what a great opening to talk about God. We cannot see Him or taste or smell Him, but He is all around us.  We can see things what air does, like blow leaves or help us fly a kite; just like we can see all that God does for us in creation.   How about taking a nature walk this summer and making a list of all the things God made in your area. Then come home and draw pictures and maybe make a book.   We would love to see your child’s creation send it to our Facebook page

The second question in the book is; “What makes an airplane fly?” Answer: their engines and air. As the airplane goes forward it pushes air around the wings. So, when the air pushes against the wings of the airplane it keeps the plane flying in the sky.

In our book “Thank You Saturday”, Steven spends time making colorful paper airplanes to bless his dad while his dad was in the hospital.  The family fun guide in the back of that book highlights a website by a grandad that has paper airplane print outs with which you can make a variety of airplanes for summer fun.

Truth be told, a few years ago I was trying to make them with my then preschool grandson and we needed to enlist the help of his older sister. It was a great family memory making time. He still askes when I visit if I brought more airplanes to make.  I’ve included the website address; Each page has realistic printed airplanes to construct.  Enjoy!!! If you decide to make one of these great airplanes with your child, put a picture of their creation on our Facebook page.