Ben Carson

Ben Carson


In honor of Black History Month I decided to do a blog about Dr. Ben Carson. My introduction to this man’s life came when I watched the movie Gifted Hands. Up to that time I had no knowledge of his story or his God-given gift as a neurosurgeon. I was visiting a home in which I simply took the movie off the shelf and sat down to watch.

His story is very inspirational. He came from poverty, and was thought to have learning disabilities. He definitely had behavior issues with anger; yet he had a destiny to make a difference and become a lifesaver to many.

The grace of God imparted the wisdom to his mom to bring her sons from no self-esteem to Christ esteem by teaching them to persevere. She required them to read two books a week. The reward that came with this task became the catalyst to change his life forever. He gained the respect of his classmates much to their surprise because he had acquired knowledge to answer questions they could not, and he was no longer considered the dumb kid.

Tonight in preparation to write this blog I watched a documentary on Dr. Carson on YouTube. It clearly showed that he overcame his obstacles by his dependence on God. His anger (which almost cost a young friend’s life) drove him to lock himself in the bathroom with God and the word of God for 3 hours. When he emerged, he was free forever from his anger problem. He knew absolutely that only God had the power to set him free.

I highly recommend you take the time to watch this 29-minute documentary. There are graphic scenes of the surgeries that might be disturbing to very young children, but the tone of the movie is so calming and encouraging I think it is fine for a family to watch.

One of my favorite statements in the movie is that he says we have technology and lots of knowledge, but without wisdom to know what to do in each situation, we have nothing. He further states that wisdom comes from God.

His wife has an opportunity in the clip to talk about the need for giving of 100% in a marriage. He in turn relates that marriage is in truth a picture of our relationship with God.

I highly recommend that your older children read the Ben Carson Story. Perhaps it could be a time for the family to read together, older children to younger children at the dinner table or after dinner. Celebrate the goodness of God in the lives of the Carson family and the lives that are touched by their lives.

I Thessalonians 5:24; “Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass.”

Trust the Lord, parents. He will grant you the wisdom to raise your children for His Glory.



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