Children are a Gift!

Children are a Gift!

I never quite know where my blogs are going to take me. Today I start out telling a story of talking with my local post office worker and end up sharing a ministry of a dear friend I have come to love and respect.

I went to the post office today to send some books to a book store on my upcoming book tour. The postal worker smiled when I got to the counter and told me she had been reading Birthday Quilt last night. Jeremy_cover_250She said, ” I don’t know why but I always cry when I read it!” I told her I have heard that before. I believe it is the love of God that comes through when you read that God chose a special day for each one of us to be born.

Then she told me she hasn’t shown it to anyone because she does not want to give it away. I told her to keep the book as a gift from me but just tell others to buy the book and how special it is to you. So many people are telling me how much the stories are touching them and how much their children love each story and the illustrations! My hope is that each one will share how the book has touched them and encourage others to buy the books so many can have the joy of reading the Jeremy books.

Laurie Wong the Illustrator also had some very touching moments in doing the illustrations for each of the books. I have asked her to start writing them down so we can share them with you. As you read the books tell us your story. You can send me an email at or comment on our web site The hours it takes to produce each book are hours we give as a labor of love. However it would be blessing for everyone on the team to hear about the fruit of their labors.

Psalm 127:3 tells us, “Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, the fruit of the womb is a reward.”

A birthday is a celebration of the gift of life God gives a family. As I wrote the last sentence I could not help but think that today many of those gifts are discarded. Many never see the light of day. Many are brought into this world with no family or a very unhealthy family. How it must grieve the heart of God that life has become a throw-away gift. However that is not new. In ancient days children were sacrificed to false Gods. God’s enemy has no new plans, his plan has always been to destroy life and remove hope.

Thank You Saturday - Coming Soon!So what can we do? We can celebrate the gift of life every day. Enjoy the daily journey with the loved ones God has given you in your family and in your community. On a larger scale we can become involved with the needs of those less fortunate than ourselves. What is going on locally in your community that you and your family can be part of to bring hope? No better way to teach your children to appreciate the goodness of God in their lives than to share it with others. That is the basis of our book Thank You Saturday. In the parent-teacher pages you can find suggestions for you and your family to reach out to your community.

On a global level here is an organization touching the needs of children worldwide. I am privileged to know someone from this organization and I can stand behind it 100%.


Take a little time and go to the website. Lifesong For Orphans Perhaps the Lord will prompt you to be a world changer one heart at time.



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