Comfort ~ Choosing well!

Comfort ~ Choosing well!

Well, it’s a countdown to summer. I can hardly believe we finally have warm weather! What is it like in your neck of the woods?

A bunny came to visit yesterday and I put a picture on Facebook. My robin from winter came by. I wish I had been faster with the camera because the robin looked like it had lost a bunch of weight from its fullness of the winter. I know it could have been a different robin but honestly all the robins this winter were looking chubby.

I am pretty sure that was God’s way of caring for them through the cold winter we endured.
However for me winter brought fullness as a result of eating comfort food and being stuck in the house. Mashed Potatoes with Onion GravyNo way did God bring that about for my protection. That kind of comfort is certainly short lived when you climb on the scale!

Whoever started the idea of comfort food anyway? They certainly did not have an issue with weight gain. Nor did they know the principals God shows in His word. Have you ever thought of all the scriptures God gives us to comfort us?

“Whenever I am anxious and worried, you comfort me and make me glad.”  Psalm 94.19

Why have we not initially heard comfort connected to exercise to relieve stress or to prayer or to fellowship or to hobbies? Hmmm. Oh, we hear about it after the fact to do damage control but it is not our first thought. Why is it that our first thought is often something that is actually NOT going to make us feel better in the long run? Sounds like an enemy is afoot and has begun a scenario to rob, steal and destroy and we played into the lie.

Well, time to change the scenario. Time to exercise! Time to make our first choice a good-for-us choice, a God comfort choice.

Anyone else out there feeling it’s time to bump it up with activity? Anyone else longing to be more consistent in that arena? At 66 it’s not the easiest thing to develop new habits in an area that is not a lifestyle. However, I have a lot of journey in life yet ahead of me and less of me would certainly make the travel easier. Not to mention the clothes looking a bit better!

So instead of a New Year’s resolutions I am making a life change resolution. Onward to more activity and less passivity! Are there life changes you want to bring about in yourself or your kids? Have you thought of an incentive plan for the summer?Let’s pull away from the vanity points like looking good in a bathing suit. Instead, our incentives are a healthy lifestyle or just plain having more fun by more activity.

There is more to lifestyle development than physical health. How about a summer reading program not only for your kids but also for you? Most libraries have incentives for summer reading for kids, but what about you joining in the plan with your kids to set a goal for summer reading? Example goes a long way beyond words. How about reading together an adventure story or mystery to get interest up? Can we put instructional reading on hold for a few months and work on developing imagination?

How about setting a goal that each of you will learn how do to something new? Explore something that would be really fun, not hard and boring, but something each one would enjoy based on their own personality. I think I would really like to learn more about taking pictures. In fact it would not only be fun for me but a benefit for you my readers to join this journey God has designed for me.

Let us know some of your ideas for new things to do. Send us pictures of your summer. Let’s explore together. We would especially like to hear from you who are in countries other than the USA. Share with us your culture and your landscape.

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