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Hello Everyone,

I was talking to the Lord while I was out driving doing errands. I was asking him for ideas for this next blog. Our roads are a mess and announcements of when they will be closed are flashing to tell where the detours will be. Not sure what is happening in your neck of the woods, here there is construction everywhere. New housing is going up in record numbers, new restaurants are opening everywhere and shops, big and small, are being added to our town. Roads are being widened to facilitate the increase of population and expansion of our community.

As I looked over the situation I became aware of how necessary detours are when there is increase on the horizon. God began to speak to me about the reality that detours are actually helpful even if a bit annoying.

Have you considered, in your walk with God, the detours He made for you on your journey. I am writing my first book for grownups which will include my sharing my life journey. As I began to go through old journals to make a timeline of events, it became very clear that places I went to places which were Divinely set so that I would meet those who God intended to be part of my life ministry.  I have pondered, through the years, why I found myself in so many different churches until, by going through my journals, I could see the road God was taking me on was to get to a destination I had no idea I would be at.

Each detour had a learning experience as God brought expansion to my life. I needed to move beyond my familiar to other structures to learn the ways of God. He was enlarging my boundaries.

Some detours were self-imposed, but the good news was that God never gave up on me.  He continued to put me on the road to my destiny for His purposes. Along the way, I was learning many lessons and above all to learn to remain flexible and pliable in the Master’s hand.

So, thinking about this what can we teach our children about the seeming detours that happen. Plans that have to change and disappointments that occur.  Sometimes they are detours for our protection. Sometimes they are opportunities to learn to be unoffended when someone lets us down.   Always they are divine opportunities to grow in grace and maturity as God expands our boundaries.

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