Melody’s Memories 9/18

Melody’s Memories 9/18

fall picture_150 Enjoying the Journey


I grew up in the northeast and the landscape is so beautiful there in September as the trees change their colors. I think it was one of my favorite times of year.  I especially loved to walk in the crisp air and hear the crunch of the leaves on the ground.  Somehow those fall colors spoke to me.  Even though they were representing the end of a life season for each leaf, September, to me, was always a time of new beginnings;  perhaps it was because a new school year was starting.

The start of the new school year was exciting to me both as a child and then as a mother. Although as a mom shortening pants for my boys was not my favorite getting ready for school chore.

What I did love was buying school supplies. I especially liked new notebooks. I still love new notebooks, clean pages to write on. Now I tend to get new journals instead. As you see in my family fun guides I have many projects that include making a journal with your child.

Consider starting a personal journal with your child or children this school year. Pick a time when you can give your full attention and ask questions about their day. It does not have to take a long time, 10 or 15 minutes, as long as it is their time with you. Ask them what they would like to record in their journal.

If you have lots of children pick a day for each one that is just for you and that particular child to share.  Put in the happy and sad times since life is full of both.  Have a wide age range of children? Let your older child have a time to ask the younger one about something they would like to put in their journals. Encourage the older children to share something of their day with the younger ones as well. Perhaps have them record it in their siblings’ journal.

You could consider making a family journal of things you share about your day at the dinner table. Pick someone to be the recorder each night. It will be a treasure box of memories throughout the year.

Life speeds by with many activities. Taking time to record them slows the pace just long enough to enjoy each day a little more. Even the hard days that are recorded will eventually become the learning days and a hidden blessing.

Enjoy the journey,


Ps. I am checking out journals available on line find Melody Hope on Pinterest to see what I have found so far. Of course you could always make your journals I will share some fun creative ideas in our September Newsletter.  Sign up at

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