Expecting the Best!

Expecting the Best!


“Sometimes Eeyore thought sadly to himself, ‘Why?’ and sometimes he thought ‘Wherefore?’ and sometimes he thought, ‘Inasmuchas which?’- and sometimes he didn’t quite know what he was thinking about.”pooh and eeyore (2)

Don’t we all sometimes get caught in that kind of thinking? As I read the above line in the story, Eeyore Loses a Tail and Pooh Finds One, I thought how wise is A.A. Milne, the father and writer. I thought how he was teaching Christopher Robin to be tolerant, as he related these kind, gentle, and oh-so-real life stories couched in fantasy to his young son.

It is so easy to fall into Eeyore’s way of thinking. We can all get caught up in the same thing if we don’t follow the Lord’s advice to take every thought captive. So “Why, Lord?” (wrong!) instead of “What shall I learn from this, Lord?” (right!) So “Where are you?” (wrong!) instead of “You promise You will never leave me or forsake me so open my eyes, Lord.” (right!)

So “Inasmuchas I would like to give you my argument or opinion on this situation” rather than waiting and trusting You to do what You promise and turn all things around for good.

Sweet Eeyore, always taking the sad side of a situation, expecting the worst or just not the best. His very voice portrays his downtrodden thoughts. Yet there is something so lovable about him. Is it that we, too, want to stay in that very sad place of no good expectation and therefore we relate to the somberness of his thoughts?

Have you ever been with someone whose response to something you say is “Whatever!”? It’s usually in a kind of sad or even disrespectful way. Let’s see what the Word says about “Whatever”:

Philp.4[8] “Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.” NASB

Seems to me that was how Pooh thought of most things. Oh, his process might have been slow getting there but there is where he finally got.

Actually in this story Pooh, being at a loss for words to comfort his friend Eeyore who had lost his tail, took action instead and went off to find the tail. In the process of the hunt to find what was missing Pooh went to one he thought to have wisdom. What an admirable quality of humility to seek help! Lo and behold, there Pooh found the tail and in the end he sang a jolly song to himself in glee. That is, once he was by himself.

Oh so many pearls of wisdom in this story. If you have nothing of comfort to say it is best to say nothing. In lieu of words, actions are often the better choice. Seeking out wisdom from someone you trust is always a good path to follow.

I don’t think years ago I quite caught all this wisdom as I read these stories to my little one. I was busy being on task reading a story to be a good loving mom so I could then do laundry and housework without guilt of neglecting my children’s imagination. The to-do list was ever present and the joy in the journey often lost in the bother of mentally checking off what I did and yet had to do.

So now when Winnie says, “Oh, Bother!” I do think it’s a thought I understand more fully. Oh, bother, I must get on track. Oh, bother, I missed the point. Oh, bother, I do think its time to eat.

What are the “Oh, Bothers” in your life?