Festival of Lights

Festival of Lights

chanukiahHanukkah is almost here. This evening is the lighting of the first light. In “Celebration Lights” , a book we will release next year, Jeremey comes to a conclusion. He learns that his Jewish friends are celebrating the Miracle of the oil that lasted 8 days to keep the eternal light burning. It is a celebration that reminds the Jewish people of the victory that gave them their freedom to worship God.

Jeremy is celebrating the birthday of Jesus (called the light of the world) who won victory over sin and death, giving “who so ever believes” eternal life. So Jeremy says to grandma, ”This season should be called Celebration Lights.”

Here is a thought to ponder. What if the Maccabees did not fight to preserve their Hebrew heritage and all the Jewish people were killed? How would that of changed the plan of God to bring Jesus through the line of Judah? It would have negated the validity of the Word of God.

It seems to me based on the truth of the bible both Jews and Gentiles have a great reasons to celebrate tonight!!

Tell us what you think.

This is called a dreidel. The Hebrew letters on the dreidel mean, “A Great Miracle Happened There” Where is There? In Israel!!!

The dreidel game is one traditionally played at Hanukkah. Why? Well originally it was the only way that the Jewish people could preserve the teaching of God’s word to their children. The government of the time outlawed the practice of gatherings to worshiping the God of Israel and the study of the Torah. If caught it could mean death.

However the Jewish people knew it was a greater death without God and His word. The greatest gift they could give their children was the teaching of the word of God. So when the children were gathered for Torah Study they had dreidels with them to play if they saw a King’s soldier. If the soldiers saw children playing it protected them from their enemies by appearing to have a legal reason to be gathered together.

This Hanukkah season let’s rejoice we have the freedom to worship and study.

Dreidel Game Rules – How to Play Dreidel

The dreidel is a 4-sided top of ancient origin. The Hebrew letters on the side are nun, gimel, hay, and shin. They form an acronym in Hebrew which means “A great miracle happened there.” Dreidel, is a traditional game played by children during the eight day Hanukkah celebration.

This game is best played in groups of 4-6. Each player gets an equal number of pennies, nuts, M&Ms, stones or whatever you wish to use.

Each player takes turns spinning the dreidel. If it lands on:



— the player receives nothing, next player spins.



— the player takes all of the pot.



— the player takes half of the pot.



— the player puts a playing piece into the pot.

Each time the pot is emptied out, each player puts in a
playing piece (penny, nut, candy) and the game continues.

Song: Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel


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