Grandmothers are supposed to be story tellers.

Grandmothers are supposed to be story tellers.

Grandma_Boy1023Someone asked me recently if I was a story teller growing up. The answer to that question was – absolutely not. Here is how it started.

With announcement of my first grandchild, I began to think about what it would be like to spend time with my grandchild. I remember sitting on the couch and thinking grandmothers are supposed to tell wonderful stories.

As for me I felt I had no imagination in the story telling department. Oh, I was creative. I could do crafts and I could even sing a song or two. I was an animated story book reader. But coming up with original stories; now in my mind that was a challenge.

As with all my challenges, I went to God. I began to pray, please Lord let your creativity flow through me so I can tell stories to my grandchild that will go with him all his life. Every day until the first grandchild was born I would remind the Lord of my hope.

Then one day when my grandson was about two it happened. It was nap time in the day care and I was really tired that day and needed to lay down for a few minutes myself. My grandson was just giving up his nap but I needed to rest so I said, “come here and climb up on the couch and I will tell you a story”.

Much to my surprise I began to tell the most amazing story that I had ever told. Truth be told it was the first and only story I had ever told. Right there on the couch God chose to answer my prayer. From then on the stories just poured out. It became a series of stories that I would tell my grandchildren as they grew in numbers. Sometimes they would call on the phone at bed time and ask me to make up a story for them. God never let me down. Each request was filled with another chapter in the story, which began on the couch that day.

Unfortunately, I never wrote most of them down but the memories of the adventures of the characters remain. The lesson in this true story is that God has His timing for His answers to your prayers.


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