Here Comes Thanksgiving!

Here Comes Thanksgiving!


Wow fall is full of activity isn’t it? First we get ready for the new school year. Then new sport activities. Our family was about football, first grade through college. Week days were practice, weekend were games. Our teams were traveling teams, both players and cheerleaders, starting at first grade. Between the kid’s games and the parent participation at the snack shacks or the fundraisers, every day was full. On top of all that we could not forget homework demands, and let’s be honest, we went back to school with our kids didn’t we?

As the season winds down the big Thanksgiving game ramps up on the very day we are to provide the best meal of the year. The very day every mom wants to see the game and be ready for all the college kids coming home for the weekend. Who started the Thanksgiving game anyway? Certainly not the one cooking!!!!

Somehow we all manage to pull it off. We stand in the stands shouting and praying that even if we don’t win it will be close and our team can be proud of their game. There is nothing worse, than disappointment at the Thanksgiving table especially with the extended family there.

As I write this I am trying to remember what life was like before football. I remember my first turkey as a bride and I used corn holders to keep the stuffing in the bird. NO I did not even think that they had plastic handles. Then there was the trauma of learning to make good gravy. I am convinced you can either make good gravy or not. I am in the not category. Now we have so many options for making spectacular gravy, or we are too concerned with cholesterol to even make gravy at all.

Today even some of the traditional foods we had in the past are no longer part of the menu as our children have grown and are more conscious of healthy eating for themselves and their own children. So tell us what are your memories of Thanksgiving? I will share some more highlights in our next blog. How about you sharing with us throughout this month?


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