Inside Days

Inside Days

Inside-Games_smallI realized because of my location my blogs have recently been about the cold. The truth is inside days are part of every region. If it’s not cold it could be rainy or windy or even too hot.

Inside activities promote a lot more face-to-face opportunities than outside play. Board games instead of baseball can provide some interaction around the table that is not always happening when everyone is outside running around. Competitiveness on the playing field can spur one on to push a little harder for the win. However have you ever played a board game with an overly competitive opponent that really surprises you? Ah yes, personality traits that don’t seem harsh on the playing field can begin to be seen that way at the game table!

So how do we deal with that? How do we as parents provide the model of teaching your child to play their best to win yet with an attitude of respect for their opponent? A good athletic coach can promote that. One example comes to mind in the movie “Facing the Giants”. Once the coach got a God perspective of the game and began to impart that to his team he was able push his athletes beyond what they felt was their limit and bring a losing team to victory against all odds.

Today we have a new kind of coach in our society; they are called Life Coaches. They help individuals as well as corporations. They look for repeated patterns that sabotage success and help their clients build new pattern structures to set and meet goals.

Take a look in the mirror. As a parent you have been officially given the position of Life Coach in your child’s life. Fortunately we have a book to teach us Life Coaching from the best Coach ever. God provided all we will ever need to teach our children how to reach their potential in His word. To have the wisdom to apply it He gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit to enable and instruct us each day.

Today’s Life Coaches have to go through formal training to obtain their licenses. I am confident as they go through training they themselves become transformed to better individuals who can spot their own areas of change as well those they work with.

So, too, we as parents must spend time in God’s word and with the community of believers He has placed us in. We need to be in community with fellow believers for encouragement, correction and prayer support. Growing up in God for adults and children is not a solo sport.

Today we also have a variety of good books and web sites with sound parenting suggestions. As you read, however, make sure you don’t make those suggestions doctrine. Always remember your child is an individual and what works for one child or even one family structure may not work for all. This is when you need to depend on the Holy Spirit to guide you. Always remember you are perfectly equipped for the gift God gave you when He gave you your child. You just have to let God show you how to use your giftings as well as develop your child’s. We must remain teachable and flexible. Isn’t that what we want our children to be? Remember they learn most by example. How well I now understand much better the phrase I heard often growing up “Do as I say not as I do” What a cop out. Not our option!

The following is a list of personally recommended parenting books. I would love to hear your suggestions that I can share with other readers.

  • Family Driven Faith by Voddie Baucham
  • Age of Opportunity by Paul David Tripp
  • Seasons of a Mothers Heart by Sally Clarkson
  • Parenting with Scripture: A Topical Guide for Teachable Moments Paperback by Kara G. Durbin
  • Put Your Love On by Danny Silk

      Top homeschool resource recommended was

I found the following on Amazon when I looked into the above list. I would love to hear comment if anyone has read these:

Here are some non-competitive games I found on Amazon (What a blast from the past as I had the Ravensburger games in my daycare many years ago!)By Ravensburger Snail Pace Race. (I use to play that all the time with the kids.)

  • Colorama also a great game
  • The Ungame was also a family favorite but it has evolved since its beginnings. I see they now have
    • The board Game
    • The Christian Version
    • The Pocket Version
      • For kids
      • For teens
      • For couples

They also had listed a 6’ parachute that is an excellent indoor activity. You can often get a music CD with activities to go with it.

In my search I also came across a book with 150 non-competitive games for kids. I bought it and when it arrives I will notify you on my author’s Facebook page and start sharing those games I believe you will enjoy!

Till then, Many Blessings,


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