Ireland: The Country That St. Patrick Changed

Ireland: The Country That St. Patrick Changed

If you read my last Tikvah newsletter you read the true story of St Patrick (if not, sign up at He was called by God to Ireland to share God’s love, to be a nation changer.

Here are a few facts about Ireland:Ireland

•  Ireland is an island that is divided into two parts

  It is located off Western Europe in the northern Atlantic Ocean

•  The northern portion of Ireland is part of the United Kingdom

•  The Republic of Ireland has the largest part and is independent

•  The Capital of the Republic is Dublin

•  The official languages are English and Gaelic•

Maps and projects for your children of all ages can be found at

Flag IrelandIt’s interesting that there are actually several flags representing this tiny island. The Irish tricolor flag most known for Ireland is green for the native people of Ireland who are mostly Roman Catholic; orange for the British supporters of William of Orange who settled in Northern Ireland in the 17th century who are mostly Protestant; and white in the center to represent peace. Peace was not always the story.

Northern Ireland itself has several flags:

The Ulster Banner by Jean-Pierre DeMailly, Used officially by the former Government of Northern Ireland (1953–1972)


 The Union Flag is flown on designated days from some government buildings in Northern Ireland.


Northern Ireland is also represented by the flag of the St Patrick’s Saltire

St_Pat flag


I am told the beauty of Ireland has to be experienced to be appreciated. The following book got excellent reviews from travelers that went with their children to see for themselves. I found it on Amazon: This is Ireland by Miroslav Sasek. The reviews say the art work is excellent. I just bought the book. If the pictures are as good as they say I will try my hand at taking a picture and showing it to you on Facebook. The book is due to be delivered later this month. Keep watch for pictures at

I once read a wonderful children’s book with my granddaughter for a summer reading program. It told us of all the hardships St. Patrick endured as a young boy and his strong commitment to the Lord as he grew up. It told of miracles of healing as he prayed and how he changed the lives of those who at one time had been His captors. I wish I could remember the title. It was a chapter book we both thoroughly enjoyed.

Do you have any favorite children’s books on Ireland? Let us know at

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