March 17 ~ 49 Years Ago!

March 17 ~ 49 Years Ago!

Well, top o’ the mornin’ to you! I’ve written several blogs and a newsletter on St. Patrick. Check in at and sign up for the newsletter to be sent to your e-mail if you have not yet done so. You can read my blogs there also. Or you can check in with my Facebook author’s page to read my blogs and to see recipes for Irish Soda Bread, a must for our family today. We also eat corned beef and cabbage today. What is your St Patrick Day meal? Let us know at Facebook or

March 17 is a memorable day for me. I got my driver’s license on that day 49 years ago. My mom was a single parent and business owner. Instead of teaching me she hired a driving school that taught me and took me for my test. I remember how happy I was that the motor vehicle driving examiner did not ask me to parallel park! I still can’t manage that well. I can K turn though. I often wonder if the school had deals with the examiners and gave them heads up on things like that. I do remember them asking me to do a K turn.

66 Dodge DartMy first car was a Dodge Dart and the price of gas was 54 cents a gallon! That car served me well until college. My mom sold it to a co-worker who reported how well the car continued to run. I heard it was still going very strong when I was long into my married life with small children. However if I think back, since I was married at 18 and my first child was born days before I was 20, I guess that makes a lot of sense. The car was not yet that old. Neither was I. Times have so changed since then. Most young people today would not think of marriage so young or having children so quickly.

There is much wisdom in taking time to mature and experience life a bit before making the life commitment of marriage and children. I must admit, however, that being a young mother gave me the privilege of being a young grandmother with much energy to enjoy things with my grandchildren that older age might not have afforded. So all things considered I am not sorry for my time choices.

Forty-nine years ago I had no dreams of being who I am now at 66. However even with all the rabbit trails I have taken, God’s plan for me is coming to pass. That encourages me that He will also bring each of our children and grandchildren to the destiny He created them for. In spite of our shortcomings as a parent, in spite of any rabbit trails they may take, His love is watching over them to guide them. The prayers we have prayed that they will know Him and His ways for them will come to pass.

So much has changed in our world in 49 years. Technology has taken us places we only read about in science fiction books. I did not have a cell phone back then. How in the world did we ever survive? I would not think of leaving home without mine now. I remember when cell phones just became popular. I was with my grandson and did not have one yet. We went to the store and I had forgotten my list. He said, “Gram, how can you call Mom since you don’t have a cell phone?” I smiled and walked him to a pay phone. I don’t think I have seen a single pay phone in stores today.

I don’t know about your life but first is/was e-mails that replaced phone calls and then text that replaced e-mails. Smart phones replaced flip phones and I feel like they call them smart phones because they are for smart people, quick learners. It seems to me just as I understand how to use my phone they change things on me.

GalaxyThe good news is our God never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. His promises are sure, His love is stable even when we are not. He uses ordinary people for extraordinary things – just love the one in front of you and say yes to His will. St Patrick was one of those ordinary “yes” people. So are you; just say yes to His will and you will be surprised where your yes will take you. I know I am every day.



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