Melody’s Memories 8/21

Melody’s Memories 8/21

camera_125                        No nag clean up tips.


Now that school is starting again having things in order is more important than ever. Teaching your children organization will be one of the most valuable skills you can give them. Not to mention it will also make your life a whole lot easier when getting them out the door for school.

So tell me are you tired of telling your kids to clean up their room and when you go in to check your disappointed and so are they that they are not done.

Here is one solution. Clean the room the way you want it. Take pictures of how you want it to look. Put them up around the room and tell you children when the room matches the picture come and get you for inspection.

Little guys need easy toy pick up ideas. Laundry baskets were great for getting toys off the floor and easy for little ones to reach and put toys in. The important thing is that they know things must be picked up and put away so make it simple.

Older kids can deal with shelves but even then colored tubs that sit on shelves are the solution for putting things away.

Pick your battles carefully and remember no one likes a perfectionist. The key is teaching them to put things away where they can find them easily and the room is neat each night before bed time.

Have a Mary Poppins attitude and make the clean-up fun. Spit Spot!


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