Melody’s Memories 7/22

Melody’s Memories 7/22



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I am not sure who was happier when summer arrived my children or me. As for me I looked forward to less structure, no homework to stay on top of and no running to sports practice or events. Mind you I loved cheering on the bleachers for whichever child, or eventually grandchild, was playing.  It was the car pools and running that was at times wearisome. Truth be told I would love to have a seat on the bleacher now.


And then each summer was “ The Letter” that came home on the last day of school from our school system. It made clear parents were to continue the learning process through the summer, to build on the education our children received through the school year.


Ah yes, but in my mind it was up to me to make the process of reinforcement fun, creative and painless. I saw a cooking show recently where the mom was grating veggies in her meatloaf to enhance the nutrition without her children’s knowledge.  So summer for me was kind of like that. Creating adventures to reinforce math, science, history, storytelling, writing, music and art whatever I could, having fun doing it! That also became the structure of my daycare.


Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy your summer. Creativity flows out of rest. I will share ideas and you can build on them. Let us know what your family is doing. Sharing activity tips and parenting tips is how we oldies but goodies survived; only there was no social media so we had to be face to face.


Now we have face book and so follow me and let’s encourage and create together.

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