Melody’s Memories 7/30

Melody’s Memories 7/30

imagesThroughout the school year I had definite daily structure in the day care. Fun structure but each week we studied the name and sound of a letter, a number, a color and a shape. Yes, old habits die hard and from Sept. to June we had structure. As time goes on I will be sharing all the different activities we did in our learning adventures.

However, come summer, we had weekly themes. I had so much fun with the kids. Let me share some of the things we did for space week.

If you can believe it I took most of the mattresses off my beds and put them on the floor in the play area to pretend we were walking on the moon; Bouncy you know. We made space helmets out of brown paper bags. And I wrapped the kids in aluminum foil for space suits. When the moms came to pick the kids up they were often in disbelief at what we were doing each week but  they saw how much fun the kids were having. Let’s remember this was a long time ago when the space program was in the news.

My suggestion to these working moms there is no greater gift for your kids than the memories you create having fun by turning your home into a space station, or a zoo, or a rodeo. Yes, the options are limitless.

More ideas will be found on my fan page (Melody Hope Facebook Page) . What idea’s do you have?







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