Annie the Intercessor – Coming Soon!

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Annie the Intercessor – Coming Soon!

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“Grandma’s Tales: Vol. 1 – Annie the Intercessor”
is the first volume in our new series and is due out in the spring. Each volume in the series will be a true adventure of friends of mine serving the Lord in the Market Place, Pulpit or Mission field. The story characters have been made into animals and their stories are told by their dear friend Grandma Owl.

Grandma Owl the forest story teller shares the adventures of her friends with the forest animal children.  Our first book in this series is “Annie the Intercessor” and her story is one of prayer assignments God gives her and the miraculous outcome of her obedience. At the end of each book there is an invitation for the reader to go on their own adventure with Jesus by inviting him into their hearts. 

The price will  be determined at time of publication.


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