Raising World Changers

Raising World Changers

Happy Family enjoying a sunny summer day in a orchardWhen we have our first child we are in awe of the gift of life God has given us. We can spend hours just watching this beautiful reflection of our love and God’s! We concentrate on the baby’s daily care, with an occasional bit of sleep and a shower for ourselves.

This precious child begins to grow and very quickly we see the personality emerging. We realize God has made this person an individual. This wonderful gift is not only to be treasured as a part of us, but treasured as a gift God has given to the world for a divine purpose.

We are called to steward this gift. Our role is to help our children develop their God-given talents and mold their character to match their calling. Let’s face it – not an easy task! It has not been easy for God to work that way with us, either. However, He does have more patience with us than we do with our children. Our nurturing of the child is a lesson He uses to not only mold them but us as well. In fact, raising our children is like looking in the mirror. Their behavior often reflects the very shortcomings we want to overcome in ourselves.

So what do we do to cooperate with God’s master plan for our children? First, we lay down our plan and take time to ask God His. Have you dreamed a dream for your child? There are numerous movies with that plot. In the everyday of life we may not even realize we are imposing our dreams on our children.

We are told to observe our children’s talents to know what to nurture. Yes, that is important, but there comes a time when we need to hear their dreams. We need to teach them to present their dreams to the Lord and listen to His voice.

I wonder what dreams Daniel in the Bible had? I wonder what his parents envisioned for him? Surely they did not expect him to be taken captive and placed in the King’s court. God knew his destiny however, and it is clear Daniel’s upbringing gave him a foundation in the ways of God. This spiritual foundation then enabled him to operate in his destiny.

How do we raise world changers? We teach them the ways of God. We bring them to the throne room of heaven with our prayers. Then we teach them how to go to God for themselves, beginning when they are just toddlers. We let the painful parts of life speak to them through the comfort of knowing God is always with them. We let them suffer the consequences of wrong choices when they are little and be there to love them through the discipline.

We are consistent with that pattern as they grow older. Overly protecting them is not the best plan. But setting Godly boundaries is always in order. Celebrate their individuality, make each day an adventure in learning.

The world system today is constantly fighting the system of the Kingdom of God here on earth. Our public education system is counter-cultural to our God -based parental system. We need to bring the reality of the truth of God’s way to our family in tangible ways that make sense, prove to be rewarding and enjoyable as well.

Enjoy life with your children, teach them how to have fun God’s ways. Create with them and let God’s creation speak to them. Learn what they like and join them.

Tell us what you do to encourage and build up your child. What activities do you enjoy together? Send in pictures and stories to melodyhopetikvah@gmail.com.



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