Spiritual Growth through “Woman of Valor”

Spiritual Growth through “Woman of Valor”


I have always believed there are countless gateways that reside in a woman’s life waiting to be traversed for further growth and relationship. That’s why I enjoy reading. Whether they’re novels, history, or a Victorian magazine there are always interesting photos, wisdom and stories to capture my thoughts and encourage my faith walk.

I’m a born-again believer who never really had a mentor or life coach in my life, but I craved one. A mentor could have imparted wisdom for my journey and guided me through the gateways where new truths and revelations would shape my values and lead me to the goals I chose to pursue. Books became my mentor.

My husband and I love to travel. In 2003, we found ourselves living in Israel, an ancient nation of amazing cultures and a biblical worldview that has educated many throughout the ages. There, I could pursue learning the Hebrew language. I was surprised to find that their alphabet contained hidden picture stories that revealed Godly precepts. Actually, they have 22 letters in their alphabet and each one is mysterious, which definitely inspired my thoughts and took me on a visual journey.

God refreshed my favorite reading – Proverbs 31, verses 10 through 31.  These 22 verses amazingly match the 22 Hebrew letters.  Guided by these, I was able to knit a tapestry of Hebrew wisdom intertwined with the culture of today’s strong, modern women. This ancient wisdom can activate women into becoming God’s spiritual warriors, who not only take care of households but have stature in the marketplace and are amazing allies to all around them.

Do you want to become a wise disciple, advisor, achiever, advocate, pioneer, spiritual mentor, able to pursue whatever roles God has for you? As you page through your book, share your journey with us at Myprov31journey@gmail.com. We can exchange ideas on how you can become all God has for you.