Spring is for Planting?

Spring is for Planting?

Planting Flowers in a gardenHi! That is true, spring is for planting and I was going to write a blog about that. But the truth is I am not a gardener, I just LOVE flowers! I did, however, find great web sites for kids’ gardening. The wonderful thing about the internet today is I don’t have to do all the research I can send you to those who already did!

I will admit as I looked through the sites I thought maybe if I ever slow down just a little I might like to garden, especially container gardening. Actually, at one time I did have quite a few flower gardens when I owned my own home. I never really researched much I mainly made my gardens look like a picture. I picked what I thought would look pleasing to the eye. I did watch for those that needed shade and those that needed full sun and planted them accordingly. Other than that I just made a beautiful landscape with colors that made me happy.





I enjoyed planting and did not even mind weeding, but I was not the best at watering so I finally found hose sprinklers that kept my plants happy.

Let me clarify why I say I am not a gardener. All my friends that I considered gardeners did research. They knew the names of the plants and why they planted them in the places they did. I was just making my yard colorful. Each garden had a prayer purpose and when I worked that garden I would pray that purpose. It was my time with the Lord. I could hardly wait for each Mother’s Day to start planting. I was told by my gardener friends to not plant until Mother’s Day.

Miracle Grow© was my friend and I was so happy when they came out with an attachment to the garden hose. It was interesting to me that some of my plants called annuals that were only supposed to thrive for one year often came up every year. Do you suppose it was because of all the prayer? Hmmm. I never told anyone – it was our secret the Lord and I – and it certainly helped my budget. Seems to me I spent a good bit initially on those plants. Honestly, though, it was worth every penny.

So do you have a private miracle you can share with us?

Many Blessings


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