Spring Is For Sports

Spring Is For Sports

kids playing football outsideHow many sports moms are there out there? I was one. My home was always filled with members of the team, both players and cheerleaders. They were always hungry so food was a part of the package. One of my friends suggested I have a door fee to cover my constantly depleting pantry and refrigerator! I didn’t care, I was glad the teams were happy to be at our home.

Mind you these sports started from elementary school on. Some sports were what we called rec or recreation sports like baseball or soccer. They were town sports and you sat with your neighbors on bleachers throughout the spring and beginning of the summer.

Then starting in August there was PAL football. Our whole family was involved either playing or cheering or working the snack shack. We had a seemingly rough but talented coach who always brought our team to the championships. We all knew his big heart. He forwarded skilled players to our high school team that often produceBreaking the Tackled state champions.

I remember one PAL game as our boys came to the last season as PAL players. We were on our feet most of the game as we watched a game comparable to any high school game by way of talent. It was amazing to see how our boys had matured and grown into their skill set.

For 12 years in the life of each child my life was filled with afterschool and weekend local sports activities. Local could mean in town or state wide if you were on a travel team. We did baseball, football, wrestling, and sometimes soccer.

My car knew its way to the field. I often ended up at a field even if I was not planning to be there! I mindlessly drove to the field before I realized today I was supposed to be going grocery shopping.

There are so many memories of those days on the bleachers. As time goes on I am sure I will share many of them, however one very special summer baseball season stands out in my mind today.

contentOur team was awful. The boys were young, maybe third grade. We only won one game all season. The team, however, had won the heart of everyone in the league because the boys never had a bad attitude about losing. They enjoyed themselves and took time after each play to encourage one another no matter how badly their teammate had done. I wish I could remember the coach’s name. I do know every parent was blessed at what sportsmanship he instilled in our boys. We enjoyed watching them in spite of the lack of talent on our team. Parents from the other teams would cheer them on and when we actually won one game everyone cheered for us.

It was such a beautiful picture of what we wanted for our children. That summer the boys learned about true friendship and fun regardless of talent and winning.

May you all have the same opportunity for your children this season; not a losing team of course, but an attitude that winning is not as important as encouraging one another.

Many Blessings


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