Standing Up

Standing Up

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Standing Up

For those of you who receive my newsletter, you will have the following story. But for those who do not, perhaps you might want to know the origin of Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine was a priest during the reign of Emperor Claudias. Claudias made an edict against young couples being married. He felt if a young soldier was married he would not be as courageous and loyal to the throne. He felt his loyalties would be to his family before the Kingdom. However, Father Valentine was secretly marrying young couples against the orders of Claudias. For this rebellion he was sentenced to prison and death.

One of men who was to judge Valentine was Asterius. The story goes that Asterius had a daughter who was blind. Valentine prayed for her and she was healed! It is recorded that Asterius became a Christian from that event. However it did not stop the sentence of death for Father Valentine, and before his execution he sent a note to Asterius’ daughter to remain faithful to the Lord and he signed it “from your Valentine.”

He became in the Catholic Church the patron “Saint of Lovers.” Actually, though he took a stand for the sanctity of marriage, he gave his life for his belief. So there you have it! The real deal without what has become a commercialized time of Cupids, Candy and Flowers.

Today as parents, we need to help our children take a stand for righteousness. However in taking that stand we need to teach them to do so without a judgmental attitude. Our judgmental attitudes as believers in God’s principles have drawn more people to the world than to the truths we believe in God’s word.

The bible is very clear. Love is what we are to be known by. Now love is not compromise, but it does show itself in how we share what we believe and what we do with what we share. Actions speak louder than words! In everything, kindness must be evident especially as we express our beliefs. Our job is to plant seeds of truth in others with a loving manner. It’s up to God to give the hearer the grace to receive.

When you work in a bank, they explain that you learn what is counterfeit money by continuing to handle the real. If we want those we love and know to embrace the truth of God’s word then we need to be living it so they can experience the real and know what the counterfeit is that the world has to offer.

This Valentines Day lets stand up for and Celebrate Marriage and the Love that produces the wonderful children God gave us as His Valentine Gift. See my suggestions in the February Newsletter!

With Love,


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