Starting The Year Off Right!

Starting The Year Off Right!


We have all heard that expression, but what is “Right” ? What is right for you and your child? Have you even had a moment to ponder that question since the busyness of the season’s celebrations, starting at Thanksgiving and ending at New Year’s?

Truth is, as parents, did we not start the year in September when school started? So are we restarting again now or are we continuing what we started? Hmm.. and from then to now, have we figured out what is right for our children and our family?

Now that the routine begins again, I think the “right “ thing to do is to take this month as a time to schedule more quiet time with God. Hear His heart for you first and then for your family. Let’s face it; we need to be centered in Him so that our household is centered in Him.

Carving out that quiet time for yourself is one of the most difficult things to do in the fast paced life we live. Yet, operating in His peace is the most valuable gift He gives us. Your children learn more by example than by words and setting an example by putting the Lord’s time first in your life is the best example you can give them.

Years ago, I would always take my quiet time early in the morning or at nap time. As my children grew older and I went to work, my quiet time was the train to the city. However, upon reflection, I think developing an additional quiet time that incorporated part of their day would have served them better.

We did have bible study and often a time of worship, but developing a discipline of listening and journaling is key to growing in relationship with the Lord. Perhaps this year even your preschooler could learn to listen and you can record for them. Your elementary age child could have their own journal. How else will they ever learn to be still and KNOW He is God?



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