Sunshine Days

Sunshine Days

Sunshine brings out the best in me. It brings out the best in most of us. I love this season here on the East Coast. For the most part we will not have extreme heat and it’s an optimum time to be outside. Daylight lingers a bit more and I always feel less rushed to head to the bedtime routine.

On the home front, sports were in swing and for two nights a week suppers were early and light on paper plates for easy clean up to accommodate the game night schedules. However after the game it was time to eat again. Fortunately when my children were that age there were no fast food places in town which eliminated the need to have to say, “No we are heading home!”

However by the time my grandchildren were born we had a McDonalds and sorry to say that was often the after-sport station for feeding our hungry team players.

In my daycare years April began our Discovery Walks. Each day we would go for a walk with a purpose. Some days we were on a hunt for shapes. My preschoolers would call out rectangles and squares they saw in windows and doors, circles in tires and even sometimes shapes in windows. Octagon stop signs were often on corners, triangle walkway signs warned as we passed schools. There were many surprise shapes like the tall triangle that made up the church steeple. The playground was also a place of discovering many shapes that were part of the equipment they played on.

コスモス畑Some days it was colors we looked for especially as the flowers began to come out with shades of pink and orange. Some days the class decided they would look for animals and birds.

The following day of our discovery walk we would go to the library to find stories about what we found. We could always find non- fiction stories about the animals and birds as well as fiction with animal characters and their adventures. The Library also had many books on shapes and colors the children enjoyed.

Does your child have favorite books about animals? Share them with us at

In our home and the daycare Richard Scarry books were always at the top of the list for books with animal characters. One of our favorite books was “I AM A BUNNY.”

I think I know the words by heart.

Looking forward to hearing from you about your favorite books.



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